PUBG Mobile, which was nominated as a candidate at the 2018 Google Play Awards for nominee Best Game of 2018 and G Best Community Game 2018 awards, was the only game to be nominated in more than two categories at the same time.By the way with over 15 million players worldwide, PUBG Mobile is one of the most frequently played games in our country.

Mobile PUBG Turkey League announced the $ 10,000 prize pool. The teams will compete on only the Erangel map in 20 rounds where every team can participate.

Mobile PUBG Turkey League, will be divided into two League Championships and Promotion League. The teams in the tournament have to finish the qualifying groups in the 1st place in order to compete in the Champions League in the groups to be determined after the pre-registration is opened. There is no detailed information about the start date of the event. Detailed explanations about the event may expected in the following days.