ELEAGUE CS: GO Invitational 2019 was hosted with the participation of 4 teams and the winner of the tournament is FaZe.

ELEAGUE Invitational 2019, representing our country abroad, was the first tournament with Ismailcan ”XANTARES can Dörtkardeş’s his new team BIG. During the tournament the performance of fans of CS: GO was so much talked about and even the distance between the screen was measured. (17.8CM).

Winner of the tournament FaZe

FaZe, who ranks 4th in the world rankings, won 3 of his 4 matches and finished the tournament with the top prize. Guardian, the team’s favorite AWP player, played a major role in his team’s championship. ELEAGUE Invitational 2019 was the first tournament in which FaZe team participated in 2019. Adren FaZe’s the new player, left the first tournament with a championship.

MVP award goes to Guardian

The Guardian played a major role in the FAZe’s championship, and he scored 194 killings during the tournament, killed 164 times and the MVP Guardian was chosen as a result of his contributions to the team. This MVP award was the second MVP award of Guardian’s career. The Slovak player succeeded in getting 132 killing statistic with  AWP.

BIG with Xantares is 3rd

Representing our country abroad, İsmailcan Dörtkardeş performed well in 2 of his first 3 matches with BIG and played with 51 lozas especially in the match he played with Cloud9. Xantares added 133 points during the tournament to help the team finish the tournament in 3rd place.