League of Legends left behind a day the followers were waiting with excitement. Today we have experienced one of the most important days for League of Legends and Turkish esports. Esports Stage, opened in Ataşehir Watergarden, hosted esports viewers for the first time.

In the opening match of Esports, Bahçeşehir SuperMassive and Royal Youth teams faced. Royal Youth, last year’s champion Bahçeşehir SuperMassive win the match by taking a good start to the season. However, SuperMassive, the aggressive start of the game by taking control of the middle of the game, was the winner of the match.

Bahçeşehir SuperMassive – Royal Youth

The last champion, Bahçeşehir SuperMassive, put forward a highly aggressive game from the beginning to the end of the match. Especially at the beginning of the game, the joint play of the Stomaged, Frozen and Wolf trio was a sign that the team would become very dangerous for the Royal Youth towards the end of the league. Not to mention Zeitnot…

VFŞL 2019 season The first blood of Winter Season was poured into the lower corridor. Bahçeşehir SuperMassive’nin new South Korean Wolf, the name was the first print. Wolf, on the other hand, was voted the most valuable player of the game with 2/0/16 Braum. Wolf was able to take part in the team’s score. Other important statistics were that Wolf’s totem score was almost twice that of his teammates.

On the Royal Youth front, the Closer and Pear duo made the game a pretty quick start. Although Closer had done pretty good job with the consecutive raids, things did not go well in the following minutes. Apart from Closer and Armut, the other one who managed to attract attention was the Pilot. Royal Youth ‘s new transfer Pilot, 2/0/3 Kai Sa game team managed to be the name of the most damage to the damage, but failed to resist the defeat of his team.

Galatasaray Esports – Dark Passage

Probably no one guessed that Galatasaray would play such a strong game. Yes, Dark Passage may have made a bad performance, but this is not enough to overshadow Galatasaray’s decisive game.

Galatasaray players can not say as the player on the front of the front, but the team really impressed everyone. Everyone has done his duty. Hioss in particular, Sion did a good job with his raids on the middle hallway. For Mad Passage, the chances of winning the Vayne selection in Madness’s early game failed to decrease further.

From the 10th minute onwards, Galatasaray began to take over the dominance of the minutes of the minute approaching Galatasaray. League of Legends teams from Turkey, which is one of the oldest teams Dark Passage, revealed a diffuse matches on the first day performance.

The most valuable player of the game was Tolerant with 2/1/9 Alistar. Tolerant also contributed to 64.7 percent of the team’s scores.

1907 Fenerbahçe – HWA Gaming

The two sides of the match with the new team, the winning side was the Fenerbahce 1907. Early game in the lower corridor thanks to the pressure they had achieved the first dragon team, the game began to shape as he wanted. Even though HWA ranger Roulette tried to resist Kirei in the early game, it didn’t last long.

Ruin and Bolulu fulfilled what was expected of them. This was more than enough to reach 1907 Fenerbahce win. In particular, Ruin’s 30 minion difference to the opponent’s throw, although the possibility to play with each other slim eleyio frequently, the work of other teammates made it quite easy. If HWA had chosen another champion in the lower lane instead of Lissandra, we could have seen a different game.

Most valuable player from the game was Hades on 5/0/2.

Bursaspor Esports – Galakticos

In the end of the 34-minute match, Galakticos was the victorious side. Considering Bursaspor’s defensive game, frankly, the result is not surprising. Although not very well known in our league, Danish top hallway player Doxy and shooter Husky Rider was able to attract attention with their performances. Luger, who was part of the team after Ruvelius’ punishment, could not play this week and fell to his inexperienced shooter Husky Rider. Husky Rider, who had a big question mark, was one of the architects of the win with his 7/0/7 Sivir performance.

Galacticos’nun new forester Trick, although initially seen the arrest of the game in the following minutes passed the experience. Known for his aggressive games in G2, Trick seems to have already adapted to his teammates. Naru, one of the most experienced Turkish players of our league, was always one step ahead of the game. He gave the signals that he was back to his old days with his performance today.

Bursaspor Esports, Bursaspor revealed a defensive game more than necessary for every minute things went worse. The Polish middle hallway player Zwyroo could have done much better. The most valuable player of the match was 3/0/8 Lissandra with Naru. Naru team contributed 73.3 percent of the scores.

Besiktas Esports – Doğuş Üni AuroraTeam

In the last match of the day, Besiktas Esports and Doğuş University faced Aurora. This match Besiktas has a separate meaning for the top corridor player Panky. Panky, who fought against his former team, managed to play the game with Sion.

Maça Besiktas started fast. Gilius, in particular, began with three retrofits and two crabs before the game. In his first raid on the central corridor, the former marksman Mypleasure succeeded in overcoming his rival who was able to respond with Sejuani. Mypleasure did a good job for the team at the right time and in the right place from the beginning to the end of the game. In addition, Aurora middle-hallway player Koearn Kid was able to attract attention by performing above expectations. It could have been better if they didn’t believe Braum at the end of the game as a team.

Besiktas has put on a good game, but one of the breakout moments of the game was undoubtedly the moment that Panky managed to make five jumps. Nagne and HolyPhoenix followed the position well and won the team battle.