The three-day eliminations for the PUBG Europe League Offline ended and the qualifiers of the European League determined. The teams that will take place in the European League Phase 1 have been announced. In the third day, our country’s representative Team Ready has achieved total of 18 Kill with spectacular scores  and the second match of the third day, team managed to said “Winner, winner chicken dinner!”.

Our representative took the eighth place at the end and managed to make us proud by completing the PEL Qualifiers Final stage in which the 16 teams participated. Final matches were played on the Erangel map, and our representative received several successful strategic moves. As a result, Team Ready managed to get over the difficult!

PUBG Europe League Offline Qualification Ended

10 teams will compete with teams such as “FaZe Clan”, “Na’Vi”, “Team Vitality”, “Team Liquid”, “Pittsburgh Knights” and “Ninjas in Pajamas” who were invited directly to Stage 1 events in Berlin in January it became clear.

• Jokers

• PENTA Sports

• Excelerate

• RYE Gaming

• Red Diamonds

• M19

• Saunabois

• Team Ready


• Alpochinki