Our representative Team Ready also competes with the final matches of the European League qualifying PUBG match to be played today. The final group matches will be held between December 15 and 17.

The group stage of the PUBG European League qualifiers ended with the matches played last night.  The teams who succeeded in finishing their group in the first 8 in the qualifying stage in which 32 teams competed against the competition were entitled to go to the final group of the PUBG European League qualification.

Seven participants from Turkey had taken place in the qualifying groups. “1907 Fenerbahce”, “Game Services”, “CREW Esports”, “Galatasaray”, “Team Chargers” and “Besiktas” did not succeed in the group.But our representative “Team Ready”, B Group 1 place by completing the first the group stage of a very successful performance by putting out the group was remarkable.

Teams that are participating in PUBG Europe League Elimination Final Groups

  • Avangar
  • Tornado
  • Penta Sports
  • Jokers
  • Gamerlegion
  • TSM
  • Sans Domicile Fixe
  • Alpochinki
  • Team Ready
  • Excelerate
  • Red Diamonds
  • Saunabois
  • Rye Gaming
  • M19
  • Personal Courageux

5 Russian teams stand out among the last 16 teams fighting to join the PUBG Europe League. Apparently the Russians seem to have turned to PUBG when they could not find what they had hoped for in “CS:GO”.
PUBG European League Final Group Matches When Will Start?
PUBG Europe League final group matches will be held from 15 to 17 December. Every day 5 games will be played. And final matches starts from today at 6.00 p.m. , 16 and 17 December will be played at 5:00 p.m.. The teams that have completed the final group in the first 10 places will be qualified to compete in PUBG Europe League.