Our national representative XANTARES’s team BIG got the IEM Sydney ticket by eliminating G2 with a 3-0 score in the European Qualification.

BIG has reached Sydney Europe Closed Qualifier finals by defeating , another Turkish representative of the woxic’s team HellRaisers, Valiance and 3DMAX’i 2-1 points. Since the German team reached the final in the top round, the final automatically started 1-0. BIG, which started with Cache with T side on the first map, started with a great performance and started with 8-1. While XANTARES played with the 2.21 rating, BIG have closed the map with a 16-8 lead and went ahead with a 2-0 lead in the game overwhelmingly.

The series continued in Dust2, where G2 began on the T side. The G2 team, which appeared to be one of the most geared opponents of the tournament, had a tooth fight. This tough game started with a 5-5 draw. However, BIG reached a score of 10-5 as a result of tactical changes at the end of the first half. BIG’s second round of the pistol, the German team won 16-12 and won the series 3-0. And with this victory, XANTARES ‘team guaranteed to go to IEM Sydney 2019. XANTARES, who died 32 times in response to 65 killings, scored a mark with a score of 2.02.

There will be a $ 250,000 prize pool at the 16-team event to be held in Australia on April 30th and May 5th. The first 3 teams to invite FaZe, MIBR and Renegades to the tournament where 9 teams will be invited. 6 teams will be in Sydney with more invitations. The remaining 6 places will be determined by the regional elimeler.

Teams in IEM Sydney 2019

• Renegades


• FaZe


• Invitation card # 4

• Invitation card # 5

• Invitation card # 6

• Invitation card # 7

• Invitation card # 8

• Invitation card # 9

• Chinese qualification

• Qualification of Oceania

• Australian / New Zealand National Champion

• North American Qualifiers

• Southeast Asian Qualification

• East Asian qualification