Apex Legends continues to storm the game world since the day it was released. Apex Legends, which recently passed 1 million real players and will continue to grow for a long time, leaked new information about the new update.

The king of the world of Battle Royale is now Apex Legends!
Apex Legends, which is free to play and is seen as a direct competitor to Fornite and PUBG in the Titanfall universe, is now the first in the rankings of players in Battle Royale games. Loot was a very successful Battle Royale game.

Leaked codes found inactive modes
According to the new leaked information, players and enthusiasts have discovered some modes that are currently inactive in game codes. These modes include single-person and two-man team codes, just like the PUBG and Fortnite. It seems that these codes will open with the next update.
Already at the moment Apex Legends asked the question of why most of the players are active only in team mode which caused the developer of the game from various social media. These found codes can eliminate the curiosity of the players.