Winners of the DreamHack Leipzig Winternational 2019 have been announced. The final series was marked by “Mirbit” of Turkish origin.

Winning in DreamHack Leipzig Winternational 2019 tournament in Leipzig, Germany, the name became known.

4 German teams competed in the finals of Sprout and the expert faced the final. The first map of the final match played in bo3 format was determined by Sprout as Dust2. The first half of the Sprout to play as a very aggressive response of the expert who closed the 12-3 behind, the second half of the match and 16-8 was defeated in the match. 1-0 in the series falling back expert, the second as the map preferred Cache. In the first half of this map again 11-4 Sprout had superiority. Sprout, who kept the advantage of the score in the second half, won the match 16-11 and declared DreamHack Leipzig Winternational 2019 championship.

The performance will be the final series of the most talked quite loving located in Turkey, the Turkish-born German player came from Sabit “mirbit” Çoktaşar. In total, the mirbit killed 41 times, in return he died only 24 times and reached a rating of 1.36. The lowest score in the final series was expert expert Alexander u alexRr rating Frisch. The 23-year-old player who killed 22 times died exactly 41 times and scored a 0.61 rating.