Apex Legends is the latest hit battle royale game and as happens with popular games, instances of cheating have come to light already in the newly popular title. Taking action on the issue, Apex Legends developer Respawn has banned over 16,000 players for cheating.

The post says, “As of today over 16,000 cheaters have been identified and banned from the game. Cheaters suck.” The post asked the users to capture evidence and report.

The post also went on to say, “Even if you don’t get proof, get their ID and flag it and we can investigate the account. We have heard your feedback about a report feature in the game. I’ll just say that’s a very good idea :)”

As of now, players can’t report any other player for cheating from the the Apex Legends website and need to go to an external website for that.

To counter cheating in the game, Respawn may be working on an in-game report feature for Apex Legends.

Cheating in battle royale games is not new. Earlier, PUBG Corp. had banned around 30,000 PUBG accounts accused of using a third-party program called Radar Hack cheat that allowed users to view other players location via a second screen or mobile app redirected through a VPN server. To tackle this, an anti-cheat measure was implemented by the game developer alongside the release of new Vikendi snow-themed map.

The ban list also included some of the professional PUBG players across the platform. Among the professional PUBG players to be banned were Christian “Cuhris” Narvaez, Liam “Liammm” Tran, Tyler “DevowR” Sti and Mark “Tefl0n” Formaro. Now, with the ban, these players can not participate in all official esports competitions for three years, starting December 31, 2018.