In the Wolfteam Zaitsev Tournament, where 1175 teams and 3528 players fought all together and the total prize pool is worth whopping 100,000 TL, the matches continues at full speed.
The excitement of the Zaitsev Tournament will continue on Monday March 4. Which teams are going to say goodbye to the tournament, what teams are expected by fans looking forward to the grand prize will come one step closer.
The prize pool of 100,000 TL in the Zaitsev Tournament will be distributed as follows:

1. 30,000 TL

2. 15,000 TL

3. 7.500 TL

4-8. 2.100 TL

9-16. 1.500 TL

17-32. 900 TL

32-64. 510,000 JP *
* JP: Joy Money