PUBG Nations Cup, the first all-star event in PUBG Esports, will be played in Seoul, South Korea from August 9-11. Best players from 16 countries including Turkey will compete for national pride. Here’s all you need to know about the first-ever PUBG Nations Cup.


Top PUBG players of the world will compete for glory at the PUBG Nations Cup on August 9-11, in Jangchung Arena in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. 16 teams from 16 different countries will participate in the tournament, which will be organized for the first time by PUBG Esports. Digital Athletics will represent Turkey in the tournament, which is advertised as “The All-Star organization of the 2019 season.”


Which teams will be competing at the PUBG Nations Cup?

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, and Taiwan are the 16 countries to play in the tournament. 


What’s the format of the PUBG Nations Cup?

A total of 15 matches will be played in the three-day tournament, which equals to 5 matches per day. The maps that will be used in the tournament are Miramar and Erangel. The tournament will be broadcasted on Twitch, and its total prize pool is $500.000. 


How are the players will be selected?

The player selection procedure varies from region to region but the common point of the procedures is that they all aim to make sure that the best players compete in Seoul. To do so, two main strategies are followed: 


– The results of the pro players in their recent high-level tournament.

– The number of votes players get from other players.


For example, in the European region, the first two players of a team are selected through the best performance at the PUBG Europe League Phase 2. The other two players were selected through peers. Eligible players were participants in PEL Phase 2, NPL Phase 2 and ANZ Champs Phase 2, and the eligible voters were the active pro-level and PEL Contenders players. Since Turkey only had 4 eligible players, all from Digital Athletics, DA will be representing the country as a team.


Can we say that “national teams” will be competing in the tournament?

Even though they won’t be called as so, it’s safe to say that PUBG Nations Cup will bring the national team concept, which already exists in almost all sports, to the PUBG arena. For example, Ivan Kapustin (ubah) and Roman Zinoviev (ADOUZ1E) who normally play for the big rivals FazeClan and Natus Vincere, will team up for their country Russia, since they became the most successful Russian players at the PEL Phase 2. Moreover, the rule that forbids more than two citizens from an organization to compete for the same country at the PUBG Nations Cup (except the country has less than 6 eligible players, like Turkey), makes sure that the teams in the tournament will look like national teams with players from at least two different organizations. 


Who will be playing for Digital Athletics?

Digital Athletics will be in Seoul with its regular squad. Which means that Murat Öztürk (Six-Mo), Çakıl Develi (Iroh), Mert Öztürk (ABeautifulDeath) and Mert Güngör (mertgungor) will be representing Turkish esports in Seoul. 


The organization which was founded in 2018 competed this season in the PUBG Europe League Phase 1 in Berlin against some of the most important teams in Europe and the World such as Team Liquid, FaZe Clan and ENCE. After three weeks of matches played between 21 March and 7 April, DA PUBG team was in the top 3 in the 11 of 60 rounds and took the 13th place amongst the 16 teams. Team member Çakıl Develi (Iroh) became one of the best 3 European players in kill points. In Berlin, DA proved that it has reached the same level of organization with the best teams in Europe and that it left behind many teams in terms of accommodation and technology, even though it was only a short time after its foundation, and it had no sponsors.


The next big challenge for Digital Athletics was PEL Kick-off Cup, where the team managed to take the eight place with 66 points in Group A to qualify for the Final Group. DA gathered 58 points in the Final Group to rank 10th amongst a total number of 32 teams started the tournament. After playing at these premier and major level tournaments, Digital Athletics will be playing at another premier level and prestigious tournament in Seoul.


Which players are likely to shine for their countries in Seoul?

Australia, Canada, the United States, and Chinese Taipei haven’t announced any of their players yet. Aside from these countries, Russia, and Turkey, let’s see who else is likely to step up for their countries at the PUBG Nations Cup.


Argentina will be relying on PUBG Global Invitational Latin America Qualifiers champion Bitloft’s Nauel Balseiro (SzylzEN), and GLL Latam Masters Phase 2 winners Team Singularity member Ivan Lucco (p0me).


Three players who stand out in Team Brasil are Andrey Henrique (and1FPS) and Alan Alves (rustyzera) from Team Brazillian Crusaders, who won two tournaments in ESL LA League in March and June, and Igor Oliveira (rogi), who was their teammate in March but then signed with Espada do rei.


China will once again rely on its most famous PUBG player, Wei Zhen’in (GodV), who ranked seventh at the premier level FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic, with Four Angry Men, the team he founded and has been the captain of.


Just like Russia, Team Finland will bring together two good players from two big rivals. FaZe Clan member Anssi Pekkonen (mxey) and Team Liquid’s Samu Kauppinen (Sambty) will be playing for the same team this time.


Germany has announced two of its four players so far. They are Christian Blank (Itzz_ChrizZ) and Rene Rehling (Braexco), who both play for G2 Esports, which ranked fifth in the premier level PEL Phase 1 this season.


Japan’s most decorated player will be Yuma Hisamoto (Dep), whose team Crest Gaming Xanadu ranked in top-three twice this season in the premier level PUBG Japan Series.


The host South Korea is amongst the teams who have already announced all of its players. PUBG Korea League Phase two winners Gen.G is sending two of its members, Cha Seung Hoon (Pio) and Park Jung-young (Loki) to the Nations Cup. As well as DPG danawa’s talented Na Hee-joo (Inonix), and DeToNator.KOREA’s star Yoo Sang-ho (Aqua5). 


Armory Gaming, Thailand’s most successful team today, will be sending its two biggest stars Katanyu Chinsorranan (DUCKMANZ) and Thanawat Hantem (ThanawatTH) to Seoul. 


United Kingdom will rely on Marcus Vining (Realz) from Pittsburg Knights that ranked fifth at the PEL Phase 2, and Michael Wake (mykL) from Team SoloMid that ranked sixth in the same tournament.


Team Vietnam’s biggest name announced so far is Nguyen Huu Doan’dan (Leviz), who is playing for Divine Esports, the best PUBG team of the country for the present.