Pong, first released in 1972 was as simple as game can possibly be. Two white rectangles
batting a square ball back and forward as player attempted to win points of each other. It
tested reflexes and nerves and introduced an exciting new medium to millions. Most
importantly, it turned pal against pal or sibling against sibling in a spot of friendly or fierce
competition. That’s something the gaming industry is still doing to the delight of millions
to this day.

Video games have come a long way since Pong though. Old stereotype of gamers being
isolated loners is quite frankly boring and outdated. Video games have long since come
out of the bedroom and into the world. Shared and celebrated by fans and communities
across the globe.

Here are 4 more which changed the world
Around 5 years after Pong, Space Invaders was launched, bringing with it more colors,
more sophisticated music and a distinctive plot and mood. While skeptics passing Pong
as a passing novelty, Space Invaders proved that video games were not only here to stay
but they were a massive and extreme profitable global industry. And the little pixelated
enemies are still used to this day as an icon as a video games as a whole.

Waka-waka-ing his way on the scene in 1980, Pac-man is arguably video gaming’s the
first real character. Urban legends states that his shape was inspired by a pizza minus a
couple of slices. Pac-man tried something different. In it you have to use your wits and
strategically evade enemies until you were strong enough to chase them down instead.
Pac-man quickly became a pop culture phenomenon featuring on t-shirts, glasses, bags
and any other merchandise that sat around in one spot in too long.

Of all the video game characters to grace our consoles over the years, none have made
an impact quite like Mario. The side-scrolling platform game featured a plumber trying to
rescue a princess from a fire breathing turtle. And so of course it captured gamer’s hearts
and became one of the fastest-selling video games of all time.
As one of the first ever notable female game protagonists Lara’s launched in 1996 had
already caused a media sensation. If Pac-man was gaming’s first ever character and
Mario its first mascot, Lara Croft was its first icon.