Bogachan Aydin

flag Turkey, Istanbul

Boğaçhan Aydın started his career in 2006 with a Counter Strike tournament. He played in Dota 2 and league of Legends tournaments – mainly ESL organisations – in 2008 ans 2009 respectively before taking a break from his professional career in 2012. Even though he took a break, he didn’t stay away from the game industry. He played in most of the tournaments organized following the beta-release of Hearthstone in August 2013.

Boğaçhan won tournaments at Adeks where all pro team players in Turkey participated. He also left hundreds of players behind to play final in the Hearthstone tournaments which took place at the game expo, the host of many large-scale esports tournaments in Ankara.

In 2015, following his title at the Dreamhack 2015 Bucharest Hearthstone tournament, Boğaçhan set up his own esports company. Until 2019, he only participated in the tournaments where well-known names competed. Since his return to the arena with Digital Athletics, he’s been training with recently released Teamfight Tactics. Apart from Teamfight Tactics, Boğaçhan Aydın is also an assertive player in the other strategy/card games.