Murat Öztürk

flag Turkey, Istanbul

Murat Ozturk was born in Chicago, USA in 1992. His love for gaming started at the age of 5-6 thanks to the desktop computer and the game console bought for their home. After different gaming experiences, Ozturk became good in his favorite FPS games like Quake 3, Counter-Strike and Half-Life. The day he met Battle Royale, a new type of game, was an important milestone in his life. His love, which had only started as a hobby before, started to turn into professionalism thanks to the Team Ready, the PUBG team they established. Although the team which started with an amateur spirit couldn’t get the results it wanted in the early days, it showed a big improvement through disciplined work and an ambitious spirit to get successful results in the following tournaments. Since Digital Athletics acquired Team Ready that managed to play in the PUBG Europe League, the highest level in the PUBG Esports arena, the young player has been competing against the best with our team’s jersey.