Serhat Öztürk

flag Turkey, Hamm

Serhat Öztürk was introduced to FIFA when he was very young by his brother who is also a football and PS4 FIFA fan and spent his childhood playing PS4 in clubs in Germany.

Having proved his talent by scoring 38-39 wins out of 40 at the FIFA17 and FIFA18 FUT tournaments, Öztürk’s discipline allowed him to win 29 consecutive wins six times and 30 consecutive wins two times. Öztürk, who made a name for himself with his successes at a young age, attracted the attention of our club at the age of 16 and reached an agreement with our club just days after his 17th birthday. The young talent of Digital Athletics, who continues his education in Germany, is a hot prospect for the future thanks to his achievements in FIFA. The ambitious player’s biggest goal is to be one of the best players in the world.